When you select northern white cedar, you’ve chosen a wood that is naturally resistant to all of nature’s elements – insects, mildew, weather, and more. “Naturally resistant” means there is no need to apply chemical preservatives or insecticides to your home. However, pine logs need to be “dip treated” in chemicals due to the molecular makeup of the wood, and require a costly and time-consuming chemical maintenance program. Treated pine logs can release chemicals into the air you breathe in your home – this process is called “out gassing.” If you have concerns about the indoor environment of your new home, northern white cedar is the clear choice.

Northern white cedar logs

Will endure for generations

Northern white cedar logs can be up to 150 to 175 years old. The slow, steady growth of cedar and its “closed cell” structure make it a stable, durable wood for your dream home. Cedar, like cork, will not absorb water and become water logged, which could lead to warping and the growth of mold and mildew, resulting in decay.

Northern white cedar is the wise choice.

Bottom Line

By choosing northern white cedar, you avoid the serious shrinking, settling, twisting and checking problems that
can occur in pine log homes. Pine is basically a fast-growing tree (only 18 to 20 years) that has a high moisture content. When the pine trees are milled into logs, the wood continues to lose moisture. Serious checking also occurs when pine logs are kiln-dried to reduce moisture content.

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