Northern White Cedar Facts

Chemically Treated Pine

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Northern White Cedar Requires No Chemicals and
No Chemical Maintenance Programs!

No chemicals because unlike many pine log companies that “dip treat” their logs in chemical preservatives and insecticides, Cedarcraft’s logs are not treated with any chemicals. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects as well as natures elements. After your log home is built and closed up nice and tight for the winter, you and your family will not be living with treated log chemicals that literally come out of the walls and into your living environment. The scientific term for this is called “out gassing” and this is what can happen when a log is dip treated in chemicals.

You may be told that these chemicals are harmless but what may be considered safe today may be causing health problems that will only show up later on just as so many harmful chemical products have done in the past. The point is, why live with chemicals if you don’t have to? Not to mention the costly, time consuming, chemical maintenance program that your pine log home warranty will force you to follow.

The fact is, Pine requires chemical treatments, Cedar does not. As proof of this, here are a few facts: Any outdoor items that are made of pine such as a mailbox, bird house, picnic table, fence or outdoor furniture must be treated with chemicals if they are expected to hold up to exposure to the weather and insects. But because of the very different molecular structure of Cedar, as well as natural resins in the wood, Cedar is “naturally” resistant to insects and decay and it does not require treatment with chemicals. You can call any outdoor wood furniture store or lumber yard to confirm this.

Think about it. People put their better things in a cedar chest or a cedar closet. This is because cedar keeps the bugs away. Did you know that the shavings from cedar mills are often used to make bedding for pets and animals because it keeps the fleas away? Have you ever gone into a sauna or a steam bath that was constructed with pine paneling and pine benches? Never! It is always going to be cedar or redwood because of their outstanding durability and natural resistance to dampness and mildew

Note: Cedarcraft does include in its package a “U.V. Blocker” stain that is applied to the exterior only of your log home after it is erected. This stain, which comes in many different colors, will protect the wood from getting “bleached out” by the suns ultra violet rays. Most of our customers prefer a light golden color stain and, because it is transparent, it enhances the beauty of the wood allowing the beautiful grain to show through.

Also note that cedar has a closed cell molecular structure. It will not absorb water and become “water logged” the way that pine does. This is one of the many reasons why cedar is so extremely resistant to decay. By the way, did you know that Northern White Cedar also has the highest insulating R-Value of all wood species!

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Smart Choice

Northern White Cedar Eliminates Shrinkage, Settling,
Twisting and Checking problems!

Shrinkage is another issue that makes Cedar the smart choice for your new log home. Typically pine logs will have 18-20 growth rings. This means that it took the pine tree 18-20 years to grow. In comparison, a cedar log of the same diameter can have over 100 growth rings! This means that the cedar tree took over 100 years to grow! The rapid growth of the pine tree means that the tree has a lot of moisture content. When the pine trees are milled into logs for a log home they will continue to loose moisture that results in some serious shrinking, settling, twisting and excessive checking or cracking. Checking is also severe when the pine logs are “Kiln Dried”. Cedar on the other hand, because it is a much slower growing tree, has a very different molecular structure. It has very little moisture content making it one of the least shrinking of all wood species. Our log homes do not have the shrinking and settling problems that are so common with pine log homes. Pine companies have made many different attempts to allow for the excessive shrinkage and settling of their log walls which can cause many problems. Everything from threaded thru bolts with springs or turn screw devices that have to be adjusted as time goes by to large twisted spikes or lag screws that hopefully will hold everything together. With Northern White Cedar, none of these radical methods are necessary and you can be assured that your new cedar log home will remain just as air tight and solid as it was the day it was built.

From Log Homes Illustrated magazine – “Rapidly grown trees that exhibit fewer than four to six annual increments per inch of radius growth will have a larger percentage of juvenile wood (wood of overall lower quality) than do trees of the same diameter that grow at a slower rate. Juvenile wood is often the cause of abnormal warping and lowered wood strength…….in addition, wood from fast-growing, vigorous trees often has many large knots.”

Northern White Cedar


What Others Say About Northern White Cedar

The vast majority of log home companies that make up the log home industry offer pine logs. This is because of their locations, usually southern or western U.S. They well know that Northern White Cedar, from the northern U.S. & Canada, is a far superior product for log homes but pine is all that they have available to them. They may also offer cedar, but their prices are going to be very high and they will be the first to tell you this because they are really a pine company and pine is what they want to sell you. They fail to inform their customers that Cedar is far more preferable than pine for a much higher quality and maintenance free log home and of course the breathtaking beauty of Northern White Cedar is unmatched by any pine. Often when the subject is brought up by the customer they are told that the prices for cedar are just way to high and they had better stay with pine. Well friends, that’s true if you buy it from them! But just remember that Cedarcraft Log Homes “specializes” in Northern White Cedar. We are a cedar company not a pine company and that makes a very big difference in price. Our “mill direct” prices are guaranteed to be the lowest. Would you buy a Ford from the Chevy dealer? Of course not, and why would you buy Cedar from a Pine company? Get the best price and highest quality from a company that specializes in Cedar! And, because we are a mill direct company, our prices often come in even lower than many of the industries pine prices! If you find this hard to believe then simply give us the opportunity the prove it to you!

We hope that you have found this information helpful to you. Even if you do not choose Cedarcraft Log Homes for your new log home at least go with Northern White Cedar! We wish you and your family the very best for the future! Thank you for giving consideration to Cedarcraft Log Homes!

PS. We also offer Western Red Cedar but we recommend Northern White Cedar because of its better price and its beautiful light golden color which results in bright interiors. Also, unlike Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar is non-allergenic – causing no allergy problems.

Quotes from various sources in the industry:

Log Home Living Magazine – “Northern White Cedar ranks high among the twenty-six species of wood used to build log homes…..The wood is one of the most versatile. Its molecular structure gives it a high thermal efficiency. It is nearly impervious to insects, rot, and fungi. It requires little maintenance…..It is easy to handle and dimensionally stable, and as durable as it is beautiful…..It shrinks little in drying……. It is prized for log home production because of its characteristics, particularly durability.”

“Northern White Cedar… will endure for generations. Superior to all woods in its resistance to the elements, Northern White Cedar is also naturally insect resistant. Northern White Cedar features a closed cell structure which will not absorb moisture, thus eliminating the internal growth of mold or mildew. Its superior dimensional stability is ideally suited for…. architectural innovations.”

“Northern White Cedar is used rather than pine because cedar lasts longer, is more stable and is much more resistant to decay and insects.”

Northern White Cedar has been consistently rated by all of the major log home magazines as “Highly Resistant” to decay and “Very low Shrinkage” of logs.